what makes us different?

⦁ ASR is a Member of the European Association of Real Estate Managers and Administrators, Collegiate Company No. 3264.

⦁ Independent Civil Liability Insurance of the European Association of Property Managers and Administrators up to € 1,200,000.00 per insured with a sublimite of € 60,000 for documentary damages per claim and year.

⦁ Diploma in Management of Owners Communities (federation of Spanish Polytechnic of Diplomates)

⦁ Real Estate Judicial Expert.

⦁ Expert in business planning and control in the Community Management.

⦁ Diploma in Real Estate Management.

⦁ Compliance with the Organic Law on Data Protection, 15/1999.

Advice and training

University or private theoretical training is not enough to guarantee a level of professional services. The great complexity of Spanish legislation makes it necessary for courses, talks and conferences to be carried out continuously, which allow an update of the Property Manager in all the subjects that are within its competence, guaranteeing professional practice in the level of service and advice that the citizen deserves . The professional must be trained and informed.

Continuous information

We offer fully updated Databases of legislation and jurisprudence available to its members, as well as other documentation such as: Consumer Price Indices, sale or rental prices of the private real estate market or Official Protection, employment contracts, rental or sale of real estate, aid for the rehabilitation of real estate, technical inspection of buildings, regulations of the Autonomous Community, City Council, etc.

Collaboration agreements with public and private entities and companies

  • Facilitate and reduce costs and differentiate the services provided by administrators to their clients.
  • Make products and services available to the members in competitive conditions.
  • Make specialized advisory services available to members.

Defense and discipline

The position of ADMINISTRATOR is TRUSTED, since clients delegate the economic, administrative, legal and maintenance issues of their property.

Therefore, regardless of the criminal or civil liability that may derive from a certain collegial action, the Collegiate Rules of Disciplinary Regime applies; sanctioning, if necessary, arbitrary actions. Therefore, it establishes a plus of responsibility and ethical requirement.

Economic guarantees

We guarantee the performance of its members with two types of insurance, in order to guarantee the monetary movement of our clients.

Fight against intrusion

This is one of the demonstrations of the defense carried out in the interest of the citizen or consumer, independently of the defense of the profession.

Trusting the destinies of your property in someone who is not empowered to do so, who is not subject to any collegial discipline, whose income is not reportable, demonstrating social solidarity and without any security in performance, is a risk.

We are duly FORMED and INFORMED, subject to a professional ethic regulated by the COLLEGE Disciplinary Regime Regulations and backed by the ECONOMIC GUARANTEES of the civil liability and surety insurance, which they assure society and the citizen of their trust.