ASR collaborates with specialized lawyers and experts in Horizontal Property and Real Estate Law, therefore, we provide advisory services in this matter to our clients, reducing operating costs and establishing synergies, which contributes to our clients having accurate information in legal terms. , become aware of community rights and obligations and allow them not to incur any responsibility for lack of knowledge about this horizontal property legislation.

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questions that can help

What is the cost to my community for any queries on Horizontal Property Law?

Consultations are free for our clients and are included in our fees

Should I fund the attorney for delinquent homeowner claims with my community?

No, you only have to pay the expenses, supplies and the extrajudicial request in case of need. The attorneys’ fees of ASR and their collaborators do not subscribe until the end of their work in the judicial process.

Can I request that another attorney handle claims with debtor owners?

Of course, but when entrusting an external ASR lawyer with this work, they must agree with their services, fees and payment method.

Can I change my lawyer and continue with the ASR legal department?

From ASR we recommend not changing lawyers if there is a judicial process already open, of course, except for force majeure.

The most important reasons are: First, because the lawyer already knows the matter well and will surely be the best to carry it to term, and; Second, because with the change of lawyer you may be required to pay all your fees, which will increase the final costs of each claim.

What if we are sued or want to sue on issues other than defaulters, are they included in the services of ASR legal department?

In these cases of consultation with the legal department of ASR, an in-depth study is carried out on the situation, the viability is seen and information is provided on the different options, depending on the casuistry of each matter and including cost estimates.

Once the study has been carried out and, if there is no other alternative than filing a demand or answering it, you can contract our legal services (under budget with discount per client and with deduction of the amount of the initial consultation).

If, on the contrary, they want another lawyer to manage it, we have no problem.
In short, through legal experts we provide solutions and defend your interests in order to safeguard both your assets and personal responsibility for your peace of mind.